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Welcome to the cyber space home of the Earth Mission, ET  Earth Mission and Visionary Inter dimensional Masters, 5th dimensional technologies of consciousness.

Here you will find tools, techniques and models of consciousness  for the “exaltation of humanity”

This is a place for “considering the possibility that what you thought or were taught was wrong with you just might be something right about you.”

“Blessings on your journey through this site.”


Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman, who invites you to visit his Visionary Art Gallery web site - Awaken Visions

Please contact our webmaestro with questions or comments. © Copyright 2017 Earth Mission. All rights reserved.


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Please Note:  I am convalescing from a long undiagnosed illness that finally landed me in the ER and hospital this past January.  I am currently creating a suitable work space that will allow gracefully  resuming work on the EM project as time, money and energy allow.  

For 20+ years this has been pretty much a one androgen band and my energies have been scattered between generating the funds needed to acquire and learn the equipment and programs required to archive the EM materials and make them available and while it was never my  intention to do a lone ranger gig with this project, that is what happened up to this point.

I will be energetically calling for assistance this summer / fall, both financially and co-worker wise to finish work on  the materials, which includes graphic and wordsmith design for Light Speed article, eBook and book covers and other illustrations plus someone to help make available again the Light Speed and eBook / book items and someone to help with design and completion of the CD album covers, inserts and info for the various items in the EM catalog.  I would like to offer an energetic exchange consisting of copies of the items worked on etc to those who help bring these works to the next stage.

In the mean time as my energy returns I will work on the web order request system and make available again the items that are already on the web server and will resume work on the remaining items that are not.

Thanks for your patience and for those drawn to participate lets have some fun working on this project together.

If you would like to assist with the mission and or be notified when we are ready to again take requests please send an email to with a list of the items you would like and you will be contacted when they are ready.